Proven strategies for achieving maximum income

Our existing clients have wide range of property types including offices and business parks, industrial and warehouses, retail, and medical premises. Virtually all property sectors within the UK have seen significant rental growth over the last five years.

The terms of your lease agreement will impact your return, our specialist surveyors can help you make the most of your lease agreement to fulfil your investment objectives

Our approach places your needs at the centre of everything we do, when developing a strategy, the team can assist you with advice on the following issues: -

  • Rent reviews - We provide you with comprehensive advice on all aspects of the rent review process, from strategy and process, to the likely rent achievable. We agree an appropriate strategy and combine robust negotiation with a commercial view on the costs and risks of a third party referral.  If a negotiated settlement is not achievable we will also advise on the difference between an expert and an arbitrator and on the use of calderbank offers, both to provide protection on costs and to encourage a settlement.
  • Lease renewals - Whether your preference is for long term occupation or for possession, we can provide you with a combination of technical and strategic advice to provide the most effective strategy to meet your objectives. We have an excellent understanding of the Landlord and Tenant Act, 1954, and the issues relating to your lease expiry and renewal, including, notice procedures, grounds of opposition, interim rent and the new lease terms achievable, Court procedures and Part 36 offers.
  • Dispute resolution, arbitration and expert witness - We have extensive experience in giving expert evidence and have an arbitrator and independent expert in the team. The whole team is fully trained and qualified to give expert witness evidence in accordance with the RICS Practice Statement, Surveyors Acting as Expert Witnesses.  We provide advice on Alternative Dispute Resolution such as mediation and PACT.
  • Lease restructuring and break option - Where existing lease do not fit with your property strategy, we can advise you on the options available to re-gear leases, whether to maximise value, release value for capital investment, or to advise on the removal or deferral of break options.  Understanding lease arrangements and client requirements enable us to maximise the benefits of the lease by improving returns.
  • Dilapidations - We provide advice on the valuation issues surrounding dilapidations claims, in particular diminution in value advice in relation to section 18 (1) of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1927 which can greatly influence the level of dilapidations claims achievable at the expiry of a lease.