Property Management

Offering tailored services to meet client demands, we have been engaged on matters such as service charge advice and implementation; tenant liaison; advice on small and large scale repairs and insurance.

We have experience in diverse matters such as day-to-day portfolio management; legal and statutory obligation reviews; treasury services; and landlord/tenant relationship management, to name but a few.

We have a track record of providing property management services to corporate clients, institutional clients, pension funds, and educational institutions holding local, national and international property portfolios. Our Chartered Surveyors can provide advice on general issues relating to strategic, legislative and operational matters, acting on behalf of either Landlords or Tenants. Landlord & Tenant Specialist advice is often needed in a variety of areas pertaining to Landlord & Tenant legislation and practice, to ensure that you as either Landlord or Tenant, are fully aware of your rights as well as your obligations in relation to the law.


Effective management of property assets is necessary to ensure the maximisation of property values and returns. In addition to the day-to-day administration of the property, we proactively seek opportunities to add value in a rapidly changing marketplace. Our guiding principle is to take the burden out of property ownership, thereby leaving clients to concentrate on their business affairs. We proactively seek opportunities to reduce operational costs, to add value and optimise assets. This is underpinned by our use of the latest property management and accounting software, which enables a range of generic and user-specific reports to be generated for professional use.

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