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With the UK government confirming the ban on sales of new petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2035, the future of transportation is electric. As we embrace this monumental shift, Avison Young's Technology Team stands at the forefront, leveraging over 25 years of telecoms and technology experience to lead the rollout and management of state-of-the-art Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure.

The synergies between telecoms and the EV market cannot be underestimated. Avison Young is the leading telecoms advisor in the UK, specialising in acquisition and planning as well as undertaking rent and rates payments for over 20,000 base stations, one of the largest portfolios of its kind.  These skills are transferable to this fast-paced emerging market and put us in a unique position to take your business forward and help hit the ambitious targets laid down by the Government.

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Drive towards success with our comprehensive services

Commercial car park with electric vehicle charging points

Access to a large portfolio of Landlords

Leveraging our extensive landlord relationships and in-house regional consultancy services, we ensure that your charging stations are strategically placed for maximum impact and accessibility. We have relationships with many multi-site landlords which makes the acquisition of sites easier and quicker.

Streamlined Project Delivery

Synonymous with generating genuine economic, social, and environmental value on a global scale, we stand as your sole point of contact for acquisition, planning and treasury management.  We will deal with all aspects of the process from initial introductions to acquisition and town planning, to managing your portfolio and making rent and rate payments (when applicable) on time every time as your portfolio grows. Our experience ensures a minimal lead time, allowing for a faster rollout of charging infrastructure to increase your offering and promote social and economic growth.
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Why Choose Avison Young

We have experience in building a service line for emerging businesses. We are experienced in dealing with large portfolios and fast-paced markets, we are agile, work fluidly, and can create bespoke databases to meet your needs.
Avison Young has a wealth of experience and expertise that we can draw on more widely and are able to create a bespoke service line which meets a client's needs

Our role as a leading estate management provider has meant we have been able to use our experience and detailed knowledge of individual sites to benefit the client. We understand our client’s need for urgent deployment solutions and an informed property decision-maker motivation.

Land at Reliance Street, Manchester

CGI mock up of Reliance Street, Manchester
CGI mock up of cars using EV equipment at Reliance Street, Manchester
Client: Be. EV

Location: Reliance Street, Newton Heath, Manchester

  • 16 electric vehicle charging bays
  • 175 sqm convenience/retail unit
Services Provided: Planning and acquisition

Avison Young successfully obtained planning permission on behalf of Be.EV from Manchester City Council for a state-of-the-art electric vehicle charging facility with 16 charging bays and a 175 sqm retail unit in Manchester, right at the corner of Reliance Street and Oldham Road. The site was also introduced to Be. EV by Avison Young.

Unique Features:
  • The project incorporates an impressive landscaping scheme with trees and boundary treatments.
  • There will also be charging points for electric bicycles.
  • The charging bays will be covered with a stylish canopy featuring a sedum roof.
  • Structural trees will be strategically placed between the parking spaces in a circular pattern.
This development provides a top-quality, sustainable charging solution and revitalises a previously unused brownfield site in the area.

Meet the team

Michael Whear
Principal & Managing Director
T: 07961 298 723
E: [email protected]
Rebecca Skerett MRTPI
T: 07876 391 678
E: [email protected]
James Hornby
T: 07831 717 225
E: [email protected]

Our expertise

Unrivalled Acquisition and Planning Experience: Our proficiency in site acquisition and planning within the UK market is unparalleled, enabling seamless integration of EV charging infrastructure.

National Coverage: With national coverage, we ensure that your EV charging projects are handled efficiently and effectively across the UK.

Leveraging Existing Client Base: We have a vast existing client base in both the public and private sectors. We can leverage these relationships to your advantage in expanding your EV charging network.

Proven Expertise: With a rich history of success in telecoms and technology, our team has mastered efficient site management of large portfolios and technology rollout programmes, translating seamlessly into the EV charging sector.
Ahead of the Curve: Just as technology evolves, so do we. Our fast-paced, forward-thinking approach ensures that we stay ahead of market trends, facilitating the rapid rollout of your EV charging infrastructure.

Tailored Solutions: Our understanding of the EV sector, combined with data analysis and market insights, allows us to work with you to find the best sites to align with your specific needs.

Diverse Sector Experience: Avison Young boasts an exceptional track record across major property sectors, including retail, mixed-use, energy, conservation, business, and leisure. Your EV charging infrastructure is in experienced hands.

Future-Proofed Infrastructure: We don’t just build for today; we build for tomorrow.

Charge ahead with our technology team

Elevate your space with EV charging infrastructure that's second to none. Partner with Avison Young's Technology Team to unlock the potential of the EV market, increase accessibility, and contribute to a sustainable future. Contact us today to embark on a journey toward efficient, innovative, and revenue-generating EV charging solutions.

Join us in shaping the future of transport, one charging station at a time.
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