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Adding value to your portfolio through effective property management

The ultimate objective of our property management team is always the same - to add value to our clients’ property. Every one of the range of services we provide to investors, developers, funds, owner occupiers and public sector operators are crafted with that aim in mind.

We handle the fundamentals - rent collection, service charge allocations and budgets, occupier communications, building issues and regular inspections. And we also have services specifically designed to enhance a property’s appeal, raising its profile and enhancing the occupier experience. Our destination marketing team drive growth through an array of communication channels, carrying out sophisticated print, social media and digital campaigns on our clients’ behalf.

All of our property management services are delivered by seasoned professionals, with every client receiving director level oversight and management. The commercial property that our experts deal with embraces everything from shopping centres, energy facilities and offices to mixed-use developments and industrial parks, across the country. It’s a combination of versatility, expertise and strong regional presence that means we provide exactly the right type of support.

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We’re continuing to embrace new technology to reinforce our property management services. The dashboards that we use give a clear overview of a property, including vital information like rent status, stacking plans and energy consumption, putting vital strategic data at the client’s fingertips.

We share our clients concerns about environmental issues. By providing them with information and tools to meet industry best practice, we’re also helping them to strengthen the resilience of their property and cut down on energy expenditure.

Whatever position you’re in, you can be assured that your property is in safe hands.

Development support

We accompany our clients through the entire development process. Our aim is consistent: to see the scheme through to successful

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Our property management team can draw up estate management strategies, finding ways to get the most out of a development throughout its lifecycle. These include planning estate services, procuring suppliers, planning service charges, compliance, and logistics management. And we can create estate regulations and environmental policies, tailored to fit the specific features of a development.

We also have a dedicated team of experts who help our clients to evolve their brand. We employ place-making strategies and focused marketing campaigns that are often launched before the project even breaks ground.

Managing someone else’s property is a responsibility we take very seriously. Our clients recognise that, which is why they’ve trusted us with more than 10 million square feet of their property, at sites around the country.

Property management accounting

Managing the rental income of large commercial premises can be onerous. Our property management accounts team can help to streamline that process, saving our clients time, energy and money.

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Whether you’re an investor or landlord, it makes sense to have expert support for your property accounts. We deal with an annual rent roll of around £500m, which means that we’re up-to-date in, and have intimate knowledge of, all required financial standards. Our reputation for rigour, capacity and first class reporting and service is well-earned – we currently deal with client property housing over 13,000 occupiers.

Time is critical in accounting reporting, something we appreciate. Our clients rely on us to comply with all regulatory, RICS and accounting standards, meet the required deadlines and deal with the details, technicalities and intricacies of accounts which can make it such hard work.

Every client is given a single point of contact - we keep things as straightforward as possible. That specialist unlocks a range of our services, if and when needed: client accounting, database management, credit control, accounts payable, utilities management and service charge management. Contact us for detailed information on compliance practices and risk management policies and procedures designed to safeguard your funds, clients and customers.

Real estate management accounting

We help investors and occupiers to streamline their accounting processes. Our real estate management accounting team act as an extension of our client’s team, to carry out management and financial reporting – with the aim of making existing systems more efficient.

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We reduce the need for in-house teams to replicate agent transactions. And we’re closely involved in the budget-setting process and business plan requirements in relation to the property portfolio. Our advisory capability is enhanced by how closely we work with the surveying team managing our clients’ instructions - the physical and virtual elements of our service are completely integrated. Having offices and specialists around the country also means that we have ‘boots on the ground’, giving us a much better understanding of a client’s business needs than a remote service.


For over 25 years our Engage service has been ahead of the curve, leading occupier engagement and developing marketing strategies for leading assets across the country.

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Engaging with occupiers, communities and wider stakeholders has become a critical part of our business on behalf of investor clients. Our Destination Marketing team help to create differentiating experiences that ensure our clients retain occupiers, attract more attention and drive visitor footfall where they need it.

Our projects range in size across sectors, from office properties and business parks to retail schemes and mixed-use developments –wherever it’s located, we have the specialists and access to local knowledge to effectively create and deliver marketing and engagement plans that enhance the experience of users, visitors, occupiers and prospective occupiers.

Make sure you have the engagement, communications and relationships you need to ensure successful occupier retention, leasing strategies and enlivenment. Choose to Engage.

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National inspections

Formal property inspections are a vital part of an effective property and asset management service.

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They are often the only way to double check the accuracy of lease data, occupation, physical condition, statutory compliance, risk, insurance, and other areas.

We carry out a variety of services relating to national inspections – to make sure our clients have all their bases covered. These include drawing up standard reporting templates for property portfolios, preparing asset schedules and conducting inspections of tenant alterations. Our team can also check whether area measurements are accurate in a property.

Because we have offices in key regions of the country, we’re able to carry out regular or specific inspections of any property within 24 hours. Every member of our team is NEBOSH qualified – both general and fire – so you can be assured of getting reliable, relevant information, delivered by the right people.

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