We offer an end-to-end transactional service

The growth and development of the UK property market over the past two decades has been phenomenal. We’ve evolved alongside the market, harnessing new technologies and embracing the disruptive changes that we believe offer huge opportunities – as well as risk – to the investor.

Our promise to our clients, however, has always been simple – to provide them with top quality advice and assistance, making their life easier and maximising the potential of their asset.

We’ve followed through on that pledge. With dedicated teams in every commercial property sector and a wealth of expertise, we’re the perfect partners to support you in your transaction.

Every client of ours is important. It’s a philosophy reflected in the end-to-end service we deliver, seeing through a transaction to the end, and providing advice, guidance and practical assistance at every stage.

Acquisitions and disposals

The UK’s commercial real estate market is huge – and extremely competitive.

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We’re one of the country’s foremost commercial property agencies, with a hard-won reputation for reliability, professionalism and an unparalleled understanding of the commercial property market.

Our specialised knowledge of commercial real estate sectors is of immense value to our clients. It enables us to recognise opportunities that many of our competitors would miss – and capitalise on them. That information is complemented by our familiarity with regional property markets, a result of having agency teams in every major UK city.

We have one simple aim: To achieve an optimum sale price. But our service extends beyond simply marketing the property - we can also handle negotiations, instruct your solicitors, conduct valuations and closely monitor the transaction as it progresses, making sure that it runs smoothly.

Our agency consultants also help investors to find the ideal property, carrying out detailed market searches and providing expert guidance throughout the acquisition process.

We have the scale and geographical reach to offer a full spread of property-related services: Close collaboration between our people is hardwired into our DNA. Our lease advisors can carry out lease and rent reviews of your property and our building surveyors work on dilapidation issues. Commercial office occupiers and owners are able to draw on our full tenant representation service, dealing with business rates, portfolio strategy and sustainability.


We help landlords and occupiers to acquire and dispose of leaseholds in commercial property.

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While it sounds straightforward, the complexity and nuances of leasing mean that specialist sector and market knowledge is essential - for both buyers and sellers. We handle some of the biggest commercial real estate leases in the UK, trusted by our clients to deliver the excellent results that have made us industry leaders.

Our consultants take the long view. While speed is naturally of the essence, we also weigh up the quality of the tenant. It’s a primary consideration for landlords looking to maximise the value of their property, and secure a stable revenue stream.

We can support either party in lease negotiations and advise on strategy. We always get a clear idea of your objectives and your business at the outset. The fact that we have experts in every commercial property sector - from offices and industrial, to hotels and student accommodation - means that we always tailor our advice to help you reach your objectives.

Lease advisory

Integrated advice on commercial property leases

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Commercial leases cover a vast range of property types, and are drafted in many different forms. Our approach is simple: Whether you’re an owner or occupier, at each lease event we do everything possible to create and add value for you. This may be by advising you to bring rents into line with the market, helping you to negotiate a rent discount, or suggesting that specific sections of a lease agreement be amended, or fine-tuned.

With a robust regional presence and a pool of highly experienced and capable specialists, we’re able to give you detailed advice tailored to your circumstances, at any stage in the property lifecycle. We’re equally at home working with the public sector as we are with the private, with a strong presence in both and a solid understanding of the differences between the two.

Leases can be complex and, on occasion, contentious. Our rounded perspective of the issues involved in leasing property means that the advice we give is comprehensive, and grounded in commercial reality - we know the market on a local and a national level. This is complemented by our specialist knowledge of markets as diverse as data centres, education and healthcare.

Services we provide include:

  • Rent review - Our priority is to find a mutually beneficial agreement through negotiation, but we have extensive experience of Arbitration and the Independent Expert processes, if necessary
  • Lease renewal - We work for both landlord and tenant in renewal discussions, aiming to find optimal solutions for both parties. If those discussions fail, we’re also able to take the matter to court or PACT and act as independent witnesses
  • Lease restructure - Unlocking value for our clients is our key objective, by finding a fairer arrangement for all parties. Both occupiers and landlords benefit from our services, which fuse market awareness with technical know-how
  • Lease negotiation - We use our expansive knowledge of the rental and investment markets to strengthen our client’s hand in negotiations
  • Strategic review - Our consultants closely monitor clients’ lease arrangements, informing them of opportunities for rationalisation or restructuring to reduce costs and maximise returns
  • Dilapidation valuation/Section 18 claims - We assist with negotiations and the preparation of expert court reports regarding the limitation cap for dilapidations
  • Legal obligations - We can oversee the gathering of documentation for our clients, making sure that notice service and dates are correctly drawn up and filed

It’s worth noting that the implications of the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) for landlords are potentially severe. If a building fails to meet MEES, it will be impossible to renew an existing lease on a commercial property, or grant a new one.

Our sustainability consultants can also assist in preparing for the MEES, providing detailed advice on how best to implement the necessary changes to bring a property into line with EPC standards.


Acquiring and disposing of land in the UK isn’t straightforward, with a multitude of influencing factors to consider.

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Regulation, policy, development potential, geography, and the general state of the national and local economy play an important part in determining value - as does the quality of the land itself.

We help clients to buy and sell land, and find the right partner to exploit land development opportunities.

Our services are perfectly aligned with the client’s objectives, whichever position they’re in. We craft and execute marketing strategies for vendors, designed to maximise the price of their land asset. With a network of international contacts, our campaigns also often attract considerable overseas interest.

From a buyer’s perspective, our firmly established relationship with developers and investors across the country means that we can identify acquisition opportunities before being exposed to the wider market.

The clients we deliver that advice to include pension funds, institutions, housing associations, house builders and developers, private landowners, local authorities and government bodies. We’ve supported them on some of the UK’s largest and most prestigious agency instructions.

Our capabilities

  • Land sales and acquisition
  • Bespoke marketing strategies
  • Market research
  • Land trading and brokerage
  • Site finding
  • Viability and valuation modeling
  • Planning input and negotiations

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