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Sustainability is firmly ingrained in business practice, and a guiding principle in the real estate industry. It informs everything we do. The business case for sustainability is clear, and powerful: Not only does it create value, but also improves the performance of buildings and people.

But we can’t stand still. Keeping sustainability at the heart of your business requires commitment. So does keeping up with evolving environmental and social trends. The need to do better is a constant challenge for businesses – one which we help our clients to meet.

We add value to their businesses, portfolios and buildings by expertly managing economic, environmental, and social risks, and identifying opportunities. The advice and support we provide on a range of sustainability matters is aimed squarely at saving our clients time, money and energy.

It’s a core belief of ours that the widespread implementation of clear and effective sustainability strategies can make a tangible difference in the fight against climate change. Our specialists work across sectors, helping to further that aim. The services we provide include:

  • ESG or Responsible Property Investment (RPI) strategy and reporting
  • Environmental and social risk due diligence and management
  • Operational building energy review and cost saving programmes
  • Health and wellbeing consultancy for occupiers, developers and landlords
  • Regulatory advice covering (MEES, ESOS, SECR and Heat Network Regulations)

Strategy and reporting

Creating a coherent and viable sustainability strategy is vital for companies and for investment funds.

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Our comprehensive range of services has been created to enhance the long-term performance of both the organisations, and the investment funds, of our clients.

We advise them on creating and implementing ESG or Responsible Property Investment strategies. Our experts closely monitor the strategy post-implementation, capturing key data and reporting against the value generated from the changes.

We also advise on your investor reporting channels through systems such as GRESB, INREV and CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) making sure that the information gathered and reported is accurate and relevant.

Implementation and risk management

A sustainability strategy needs effective implementation, and be able to accurately determine the longer term impact of the introduced changes.

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We support our clients by gathering crucial data, and establishing effective monitoring systems to track the impact of new sustainability policies.

Based on the results, we can help to fine-tune a sustainability strategy. The range of related services we provide includes everything from pre-acquisition sustainability due diligence, support with lease negotiations and agreements, to target setting.

The regulatory reports we can assist with include Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES), CRC, ESOS and GHG reporting, amongst others.

Operational energy efficiency service

Rising energy costs and heightened environmental concerns make energy efficiency a necessity for business.

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For our clients it’s also a matter of reputation, demonstrating to occupiers and other stakeholders their commitment to making a difference.

Our mission is straightforward - to help you to cut your energy costs and reduce carbon emissions through our three core services:

We undertake a thorough review of an asset’s energy performance and identify appropriate solutions. The combined expertise of our team is deployed to find the best fit for the client’s business and asset type. In our experience the savings we generate make the service cost neutral to both tenants and landlords.

With an OER, our focus is on raising occupier satisfaction. We directly engage the occupier in relation to their energy usage, and determine opportunities to reduce energy wastage.

Our comprehensive energy audit entails one of our experts visiting our client’s site. We conduct an in-depth review of current energy use, and present tailored solutions based on our findings. We identify potential longer-term savings, which could also enhance the asset’s value.

Health and wellbeing

A happy company is a healthy company. In a typical company, around 90% of business costs are staff-related.

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Ensuring the wellbeing of your staff is key to talent retention, as well as boosting productivity and reducing hours lost through ill health.

We understand the relationship between employees’ physical and mental health and their effectiveness at work. Which is why we’ve created a broad range of consultancy services designed to enhance the working environment, making it genuinely fit for purpose.
Our team reviews existing workplace practices and identifies areas for improvement. Working closely with the client, we prepare an improvement plan based on our conclusions and their input, using accreditations such as The Well Building Standard, Reset or Fitwel as guidance. Finally, we monitor the implementation and progress of the plan, making sure that the agreed health and wellbeing objectives are met and the benefits communicated to all stakeholders.

The importance of workplace health and wellbeing can’t be understated. For the developer and landlord gaining an accreditation such as Fitwel, Well Building or/and Reset isn’t just good practice – it’s good business.

We make our clients’ workplaces more appealing to prospective occupiers, and help to future-proof their asset against value depreciation. After an initial analysis of the proposed or existing development, we deliver comprehensive advice on health and wellbeing issues - as well as providing supporting guidance during the occupier’s fit-out.

If you’re already Well Building accredited, we can to maintain the accreditation through advice on how to promote and engage building occupants on your existing provisions.

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