Governance and compliance at Avison Young

Continuing to develop our management policies and processes

Compliance with statutory rules and other binding regulations

Avison Young expects all of our people to strictly comply with the law, regulations, and our company policies.

Ethical conduct

Business conduct is ethical wherever it corresponds to the general principles of integrity and decency, and where the people we deal with perceive it to be right.

At Avison Young we believe our responsibility is greater than simply complying with statutory rules and other regulations. We expect our people to conduct themselves ethically in all of their business activities and in any situations that such activities entail.

Supervisors must act as role models. Anyone working with external partners on behalf of Avison Young bears responsibility as a representative of the company.

Ethical conduct also means understanding and complying with the spirit of our policies and refraining from any attempts at circumventing them.

Combating corruption

Corruption has devastating effects on societies, markets, and businesses all over the world, and may cause significant damage to Avison Young. We are committed to combating corruption and to preventing even the slightest impression of corruptive behaviour.

Seeking to gain influence or advantage by the giving or receiving of benefits is unethical and is prohibited by law, regardless of where it is done and who it is done with.

In light of the potential for giving and receiving benefits to be perceived as corrupt behaviour, all benefits e.g. hospitality, gifts and donations over certain thresholds, are subject to scrutiny and must be reported authorised and recorded.

Avison Young also recognises that money laundering is a risk when processing and completing property transactions. We have appropriate risk management and processes in place to mitigate the risks of facilitating money laundering activities.

Fair competition

Avison Young is committed to ensuring that all competition is fair. Our clients choose us because of the high quality of our work, at competitive prices. We refuse to be party to any agreements that result in the restraint of trade.

Social interaction within the corporation

We are committed to the principles of respectfully dealing with one another in a fair and loyal way. All people at Avison Young have equal opportunities when they are hired and in developing their careers within the Group. Discrimination of any form is prohibited.

In particular, no one may be harassed or placed at a disadvantage due to their national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religious or ethical beliefs, disability, or age. We expect all of our people to contribute to a productive working environment by treating each other with respect, tolerance, and consideration.

Fair employment

Avison Young will not accept any form of illegal employment and exploitation of people. Illegal employment undermines the labour market and the social security system of our society. It jeopardizes legal employment and prevents the creation of new jobs. Child labour and the exploitation of people cannot in any way be reconciled with our ethical values.

Modern Slavery Act

At Avison Young we are committed to supporting and adhering to the Modern Slavery Act within our workplaces.


Gender pay gap

To comply with UK legislation, we are required to publish data for Avison Young (UK) Limited. However, we have chosen to publish data for all Avison Young entities in the UK.

Our latest gender pay gap (GPG) figures (for April 2023) show a 4.7% reduction in our mean GPG across all Avison Young UK entities over the preceding 12 months. Our median GPG has also reduced by 1.6%. These incremental improvements are the combined result of hiring, retaining and promoting female talent within the business, including at more senior levels.

Tax strategy

The Avison Young Group is committed to full compliance with all statutory obligations and full disclosure to relevant tax authorities. The Avison Young groups tax affairs are managed in a way which takes into account the groups wider corporate reputation in line with the Avison Young Group’s overall high standards of governance.

Dealing responsibly with confidential information

Handling confidential information requires care and good judgment on the part of the people receiving information in the context of their work duties. Information may not be misused for personal purposes, nor may it be forwarded to third parties without the consent and knowledge of the owner. Personal data of any kind must be carefully protected against access and misuse by unauthorised parties, also internally within the company.


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