A unique decade for the West Midlands

17 December 2019

As the beginning of 2020s draws ever closer, the short time before some of the West Midlands’ most high profile events draws closer too.

Coventry’s exceptional bid to engage with its rising generation (capitalising on the regeneration brought about by its two great universities) and being awarded Capital of Culture for 2021 – is now just next year. In addition, Birmingham’s huge ambitions to put in place the infrastructure, event planning, and facilities within such a short period of time to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games remains in train and on plan, demonstrating the City’s exceptional ability to act swiftly and take action.

But it’s not just the headline grabbing events and the significant investment in infrastructure that make this a unique decade for the West Midlands. Beneath the banners there is so much productivity, so much confidence and so much investor interest in the Region, with the success of Birmingham spilling across into our other major cities, in particular Wolverhampton and Coventry. Each city is demonstrating its uniqueness and its ability to succeed and attract from the success of the Friargate Office scheme in Coventry, to the cultural regeneration of Wolverhampton, led by the Westside project.

Avison Young is proud of its heritage in the region, passionate about the growth and vibrancy of its new ownership structure, and proud that its brand purpose is demonstrated through the difference it is making to the landscape. This is a journey we started on a long time ago, but the unique approach to delivering true change within the urban environment is showing itself to be more important than ever as generational change in areas like Ladywood and new economic opportunities such as Peddimore, begin to take shape.

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