Expert commercial property valuation across every sector

The rapidly changing dynamics of the commercial and residential property markets call for valuation advice which is both responsive and dependable. A suitably qualified valuer is obviously needed, but that valuer should have specialist sector and regional knowledge and a solid understanding of a complex and diffuse market. These qualities are the backbone of our valuations service.

You may be a lender, or need an assessment of your property’s value to keep your balance sheet up to date. In these – and in many other scenarios - our experts can help. Compulsory purchase, portfolio valuations and development viability advice are also within our expertise.

Our team of valuation experts is one of the country’s largest, with around 160 RICS registered specialists working out of eleven offices around the UK - that diversity means that we’re not only able to advise and assist you with every major area of commercial property, but that we also have experts in less obvious areas. With specialists in hotel, student, roadside, healthcare and energy property, you can access the advice you need, whatever sector you’re in.

If you’re concerned that our valuation may not take account of your particular circumstances, then rest assured: We take professional pride in tailoring our advice to each property we value, factoring in every element that could affect the valuation figure. 

Fund and accounts valuation

Managing large property portfolio valuations can be extremely complex, especially when the portfolio contains a diverse range of asset types.

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We appreciate that. It’s one reason why some of the country’s leading pension and property funds rely on our valuation services.

Our services reflect the need of our clients. We have created a detailed reporting format specifically to help you analyse portfolio performance by sector and region. Using bespoke modelling techniques, we can measure how well your properties are doing against market indices.

To help you keep track of that performance, we draw up monthly, quarterly and annual reports to give you the information you need to keep on top of your portfolio.

Accounts valuations are an essential part of business planning – property is, after all, the second most significant asset a company has after its people. Our experts are adept at valuing commercial property in accordance with international reporting standards, giving you peace of mind when presenting your balance sheet.

Loan security valuation

Our loan security valuation service isn’t limited to just providing a valuation figure.

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We help UK and overseas financial institutions to get a clear understanding of the property they’re lending against, but we also look at areas of risk and opportunity for our clients, considering the longer term performance of the asset.

We report on the important physical aspects of the property: it’s condition, location and suitability for the current use.  But we’ll also investigate the wider regulatory and legal issues such as flood risk, energy performance certificates, planning compliance and relevant aspects of the legal title, all of which could impact on the successful repayment of the loan.

We can’t see the future, but by examining historic trends and consulting with our extensive research teams, we can identify and assess the various factors  that  will influence the performance of the property  during the loan period.


Viability assessments are a pre-requisite to carrying out any large-scale development, or embarking on an urban regeneration project.

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Without good advice at an early stage, avoidable issues could arise further down the line. Our team can provide you with that advice.

 You can also draw on our extensive experience if you need clarity on your planning obligations. It may be the case that you need to know what level of affordable housing your scheme can support in order to be compliant with planning policy. We act for leading developers and local authorities to assess your obligations and requirements and will also negotiate on your behalf to achieve an acceptable position to allow your scheme to progress.

Expert witness

Property disputes are an inevitable part of our industry and are ideally solved through negotiation and reasoned discussion.

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In reality, expert witnesses are often needed to lend their technical expertise to an argument. Our considerable experience of acting as expert witnesses is based on the professionalism, objectivity and depth of knowledge of our people. Our focus on training and accreditation means that our experts are qualified to act across the full spectrum of land and property types across the UK. 

We can support you across the entire dispute process, from initial analysis through to resolution. We are experienced at preparing and presenting evidence at a range of judicial and quasi-judicial proceedings, including the Courts, Planning and Public Inquiries and the Upper Tribunal. We are also able to offer a Mediation service through our RICS and MATA accredited Mediator. Our detailed knowledge of required procedures and protocols  means that you can be confident that all the necessary steps are being properly followed.

Mortgage lending value (MLV)

Mortgage lending valuations (MLV) are a required evaluation for all Pfandbrief bank loans, reviews, monitoring and substitutions.

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Needing the expertise of a CIS HypZert (MLV) qualified valuer, they take into account not only the current market value but also the long-term, sustainable features of a property, as well as the people who use it and its possible alternative uses.

Located in cities around the UK, our fully accredited team combine intimate regional property market intelligence with MLV considerations. This is all backed and benchmarked using our in-house research team’s expertise and long-term data on sector and market cycles. The result is a robust report allowing you to confidently manage risks, comply with regulatory requirements and identify attractive market opportunities. This can all be reported using Lora, the industry standard software for MLV appraisals.

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