Leeds, shaped by investor demand and civic determination, has experienced a 21.9% job increase over the decade.

Landmark developments like Wellington Place and the Innovation Arc are driving innovation, making Leeds a global healthcare technology hub. With a strong financial centre, surging Build to Rent investment, and transformative transport plans, Leeds offers immense opportunities for growth. Despite challenges, collaboration between public and private sectors positions Leeds to deliver significant economic, cultural, and social value. The city's potential is vast, creating a promising landscape for investors and communities alike.


Oxford Economics forecasts a strong 7.0% GVA growth in Leeds from 2023 to 2028, surpassing the UK's 6.9%. The Services sector, notably Professional Services and Hi-Tech, will play a pivotal role. Leeds' Financial Services cluster and remarkable growth in the IT sector position the city as a thriving economic hub.


Leeds demonstrates a balanced office space landscape. Professional services, the primary acquirer in the last five years, contribute to the city's diverse business sectors. With 35% of the working population engaged in office-based industries—a 21% increase over the past decade—the city's office stock is expected to meet growing demand.


Leeds stands out as a vibrant retail destination, ranking fifth in the UK. The city offers a diverse shopping experience, from budget-friendly options to luxurious retailers. With, Trinity Leeds, Victoria Gate, the Victoria Quarter, and numerous shopping centres and retail parks, Leeds provides an abundance of retail options both in the city centre and beyond.


Leeds, strategically positioned as a regional market, faces supply constraints. The city's transformation from historic manufacturing to a hub for advanced manufacturing and services makes it appealing to major players like Amazon, Royal Mail, and Eddie Stobbart.


Leeds' robust residential development landscape, reflecting strong demand and attractive sites, is set for continued success. The South Bank remains a focal point, while significant clusters emerge in areas like the Kirkstall Road Corridor, East Leeds, and Western Gateway. 

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