Our outlook report for Manchester is being released at a time of transition for the economy and the real estate market, shaped by the end of the era of very low interest rates.

This has caused property values to correct across the board, and reduced deal volumes. However, the resounding message is that property market correction is in its latter stages, indeed there are already some green shoots appearing in parts of the market, such as Big Box industrial.


Manchester to outperform UK on growth thanks to robust growth in the services sector, particularly for knowledge industries and retailing.


Major redevelopment schemes such as Salford Quays and Spinningfields have attracted big occupiers to Manchester including HSBC, RBS and Barclays.


Manchester’s retail offer is one the best in the UK as it includes a wide variety of upmarket stores, high-street brands and discount stores, as well as independent fashion and youth-oriented shops.


After strong demand during the pandemic years, a combination of a slowing economy and low supply has led to a 68% fall in big-box industrial take up.


Manchester has seen the most residential investment activity after London over the last ten years and  will remain one of the primary markets for residential investment and development activity in the UK.

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